The second day of my 100 days of learning to code. The first day was good as I was highly motivated. But today it all went fucked up. All fault is my btw, I was downloading some paid software from torrent and due to my such activity, I got ransomware attack on m pc. All the files on my pc were corrupted.

so yeah, today, Friday was my day of watching a movie; but it all went out of my hand. so yeah this was my day. See you tomorrow.


It’s day 1 of my 100 days of code challenge. As a beginner in All these technologies stuffs, I choose the beginner-friendly language i.e, “PYTHON”.

I learned python basic like:

After Learning all these I also wanted to explore “git” as it is necessary for programming things.

The above mentioned is the course from which I learned “git” basic installation and some commands.

So, this is how my Day 1 passed. Tomorrow I will explore more on this technology.

so, Yeah! That's my Day 1. See you tomorrow peace out.

Today is my first day of learning to code. I am about to take 100 days of code challenge. As an IT student sooner or later learning to code is Necessary.
I’ve read some of the articles about why learning to code has so many benefits and I’ve watched some YouTube videos on this subject.

Today is my first day of coding. I am about to take 100 days of code challenge with Some Udemy Courses.

I want you to see my daily progress. I will share it every day through my Twitter accounts.

Starting today, this is my first coding challenge of 100 days: Code Challenge Day #1.
I’ll post about what I learned later today.

Anish Bajgai

Noob :(

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